Who we are kipo 6 February 2020

Who we are

AG Capital is a leading commercial and residential real estate investment group in CEE with assets under management worth over EUR 600 million.

With extensive experience spanning across 3 decades in the real estate industry, our investment group has succeeded in building trusted partnerships and long-term relationships with institutional investors, private equity funds and real estate investment companies.

Since 1993

AG Capital group of companies features some of the most recognised real estate brands in Bulgaria and Romania. We are actively shaping our business lines in a new perspective for the wider CEE region.

Core Business Lines

At AG Capital we are focused on two core business lines:

Residential and Commercial Development

Investment, Asset and Property Management

Our portfolio comprises 5 fully independent companies governed by their own distinctive identity, value proposition and area of expertise. As a group we have successfully built and sold over 280,000 sqm of residential and office space and we are looking ahead to over 300,000 sqm more coming up in our pipeline till 2025.

Our People

With headquarters in Sofia and offices in Bucharest, Warsaw and London, our team of investment, business development and property management professionals is dedicated to providing integrated services, cutting-edge expertise, innovative solutions and best practices across all key areas of the commercial and residential real estate sectors.

Our reputable senior Leadership Team holds vast experience and detailed knowledge of the local and regional market, guiding our group’s values and long-term objectives through a performance-driven corporate culture and a socially responsible business approach.

Purpose and Values

At AG Capital we are dedicated to shaping the modern urban environment in CEE through fostering creativity, technology, innovation and sustainability.

Our strategic approach in creating independent, competitive and profitable real estate investment platforms is focused on leveraging market knowledge and forging lasting relationships with local and foreign investors in addressing the latest work and lifestyle trends in the real estate landscape.

We aim at consistently pursuing new business opportunities, adding permanent value and adopting ESG standards for sustainable growth and innovation in the Central and East European residential, commercial and investment property ecosystem.