Announcing New Partners and Promotions at Lion’s Head

We are happy to announce that Dobrin Staikov, CFO & Head of Capital Markets and Dimo Staykov, Senior Legal Counsel at Lion’s Head have been promoted within AG Capital’s ongoing long-term Partnerships’ Development programme. Both promotions are part of Lion’s Head Management Incentive Plan to stimulate key talent and top performing employees by extending opportunities for acquiring company shares and participation in promote distribution.

The Management Incentive Plan aims to create long-term motivation for senior and other management in line with industry practice in other property companies. It is approved by the shareholders to exclusively reward outperforming management in recognition of their excellence at work and personal contribution to Lion’s Head’s business success. It also provides ongoing opportunities aimed at encouraging our valuable team members to consider their personal career growth in a long-term perspective within the company.

Dobrin and Dimo are now our first colleagues to become awarded within the Management Incentive Plan and granted partnership by the Board of Directors of Lion’s Head. They have both been with the company ever since its establishment and have shown over the years admirable efforts in fulfilling ambitious and challenging business goals.

Dobrin will now be promoted to Partner at Lion’s Head for his extensive work and expertise, having contributed to attracting Оld Mutual in a joint venture with AG Capital. For his key involvement in managing the immense legal framework of our existing business and all new acquisitions, Dimo ​​will be entitled to participate in the company’s promote distribution.

We are happy that Lion’s Head Management Incentive Plan is seeing an excellent start. Join us in congratulating Dobrin and Dimo on their well deserved promotion and achievement.

The AG Capital Team