Megapark Has A New Brand Identity kipo 30 March 2021

Megapark Has A New Brand Identity

After a thorough process involving our internal team as well as external experts in marketing, branding and design, Lionā€™s Head is happy to launch Megaparkā€™s new logo and brand identity. This is part of a bigger transformation at the office building which has been taking place over the last year. Megaparkā€™s common areas have been newly redesigned and completely changed. They are vibrant and spacious, allowing various possibilities for the tenants to actively interact and share working and social experience.Ā 

Thus, the newĀ brand identity isĀ a natural continuation of theĀ common areasā€™Ā latestĀ concept andĀ functionalities.Ā OurĀ goal was to find theĀ balance betweenĀ Megaparkā€™sĀ distinctiveĀ faƧade andĀ theĀ buildingā€™s internal ambiance.Ā Ā 

The new logo consists of three graphic symbols and a signature. All of them bring a feeling of modernity and direction. The selected font is clear and unambiguous. The absence of uppercase letters has been a deliberately sought-after effect. The logo colors are different tones of dark blue, pastel blue, red and beige. The entire approach recreates the overall idea of community and partnership.Ā Ā