Strategic Negotiations Workshop for AG Capital and Realto Group

A Strategic Negotiations workshop, brought to us by special guest lecturer Prof. Roberto Ordonez, was held in Borovets for the executive teams of AG Capital and Realto Group on March 24 and 25, 2022. The event was organised as part of our corporate policy to continuously invest in key talent and professional development.

Prof. Roberto Ordonez, who is also the Founder of Alkimya Catalyst, a boutique global consulting firm specialising in design and implemention of complex negotiation strategies, conducted a customised “Strategic Negotiations for Executives” training programme for our teams, aimed at enhancing their overall negotiation skills. During the two-day sessions he worked with them on mastering the art of addressing client communication and solving complex challenges with the necessary skills’ set and confidence.

In addition to sharing valuable advice and tips with our teams, Prof. Ordonez did group sessions, during which participants worked on a variety of simulated cases. With the help of an online assessment system, winner teams were awarded in two categories for “Best Strategic Negotiator” and “Group with Most Value Added”.

We would like to thank our internationally renowned speaker, Prof. Ordonez for the exclusive two-day master class. It was great to have him join us in Bulgaria and learn from his extensive experience and precious advice in strategic negotiation.

The event also marked a lovely surprise for our participants, as father and son Stefan and Maxim Ivanov joined us for dinner to speak on their fascinating rowing boat journey across the Atlantic ocean back in 2020. Their inspiring story is a true example of how one can dare dream big, never rest or lose motivation on the way to exceptional achievements.

The workshop in Borovets was also a wonderful opportunity for our teams at AG Capital and Realto Group to get together and share experience and creativity.

The AG Capital Team