BLD Launches Largest Ever UPTOWN SQUARE Residential Project

BLD, a member of AG Capital, is launching UPTOWN SQUARE, its largest development project since the company’s establishment.

BLD new residential complex 3 buildings

This is the first time in its history that the company is undertaking a mixed-use project of this scale, spanning 17 acres, bordering Srebarna Street in one of the most desired living and business areas in Sofia – Lozenets Haldilnika. The new development will be aimed at home-buyers seeking a modern city lifestyle in the best of an all-in-one community environment.

BLD’s UPTOWN SQUARE goes far beyond the classic notion of a residential complex. It would be correct to name it a modern community centre. The residential part of the complex offers 3 fabulous buildings with 537 new homes, a lot of retail and social areas, all totalling an area of 100,000 sqm.  Units come in an admirable variety of two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments, complemented by adorable penthouses with spectacular city and mountain views. Most apartments will offer a dual aspect, facing both the park, and the mountain.

UPTOWN SQUARE’s three buildings will be connected by a beautiful inner square, open to the neighbourhood, featuring recreational and entertainment zones. An impressive 5 000 sqm have been dedicated to its retail area, bringing onboard the complete list of most desired amenities for a vibrant lifestyle – restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, services, gym facilities and even a kindergarten, creating a perfect balance of urban living and well-being.

Interviewed for Forbes Bulgaria, Dimitar Savov, Board Member of AG Capital and CEO of BLD commented: “By no doubt, UPTOWN SQUARE is coming to redefine the environment in the area and we are confident that the complex will become a prime destination, driven not only by its excellent location, but because of its concept. We have had this idea for quite some time, about developing a place with an attractive atmosphere, where life would feel different – dynamic, elegant and reflecting the latest trends in residential construction. It totally outperforms the place where you go home simply to sleep, it is about living a modern life, with all amenities necessary, and with an air of entertainment, convenience and community.”

UPTOWN SQUARE holds three main advantages that take the project to a totally different level – its excellent location, its iconic design and its innovative open concept.



Lozenets, the location BLD’s team has selected for the complex, is by all means one of the best neighbourhoods and fastest growing districts in the southern part of Sofia.  Planned within a perfect proximity to the city metro, shopping malls, the two largest parks in Sofia, major hospitals, schools and quick access to the city centre, UPTOWN SQUARE also borders the main bicycle lane of Sofia, which interconnects the city’s South Park with Loven Park, goes up to the Vitosha mountain and outlines the green path of urban mobility the city takes pride in.

Design and architecture


BLD is partnering with a renowned team of architects and designers for UPTOWN SQUARE, combining the best of their world experience and local practice. Atelier Serafimov Architects, one of the most prestigious architectural studios in Bulgaria is teaming up for the project with London’s award-winning Е8 Architecture, known also for their functional and modern style in delivering innovation and design. 

The joint team has already outlined the project, marked by quality and functional infrastructure in every detail, for creating its own unique atmosphere and character. 

All 3 buildings at UPTOWN SQUARE will be displaying a distinguished silhouette, framed by an innovative elemental facade, made of glass and aluminium. Its bronze high-performance glazing has the unique properties of capturing solar gains, employing contemporary principles of passive design for energy efficiency, insulation and natural ventilation, adapted to local climate offerings.

The project has been designed following huge detailed research, and is surely bound to become a landmark not only in its district, but also in Sofia, setting a brand new standard for modern urban living experience.

The innovative concept of open residential complexes


UPTOWN SQUARE will premiere with the latest innovative concept of open residential complexes. Designed as a mixed-use in its essence, it will have the complete list of amenities open to the community, and at the same time right at the doorstep of the residents for their ultimate convenience. Just like the charming atmosphere of a small town where everything is within a minute away, BLD’s modern development will come with the warmth and captivating ambience of the small, elegant and well-organised community.

The buildings’ inner common spaces have also been designed to a maximum of detail, standing out with elegant and convenient multi-functional social amenities for their residents. 

“We believe that the future lies with open complexes. They allow homeowners to have access to an array of services, shops, and above all, to enjoy the environment and have fun at all the restaurants and places for recreation on-site. We have also provided for inner community shared spaces – private cellars, lounge areas, VIP cinema theatres, a car wash and everything necessary for the comfort of living inside the buildings themselves. This project also bears our signature style of investing in innovation and solutions with the best customer service quality”, adds Dimitar Savov.

BLD is kicking off the year with a flying start and looking forward to a number of important events planned for the upcoming months in 2024. Following UPTOWN SQUARE’s launch announcement, three of the company’s new buildings are scheduled to be occupancy ready within the year and to welcome their new residents – AVIVA, STELLAR and MONA 3

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