AG Capital with New CSR Initiatives in Support of Disabled Children and Adults

As part of AG Capital’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, we have introduced and proposed new initiatives to expand our longstanding cooperation and traditional support to the CEDAR foundation. Our team came up with two new initiatives that bring the best of our construction and building maintenance expertise and know-how in supporting everyday care to disabled young people and children with special needs, and to make the most of our exposure to a solid number of tenants in Sofia, who always have their hearts open and are ready to donate to meaningful causes. 

Back-to-School Campaign at Megapark and Polygraphia

In the beginning of September, Lion’s Head’s prime office buildings in Sofia, Megapark Office Center and Polygraphia organised special funding campaigns, open to all tenants, staff and visitors at both buildings. Participants in the donation at the two locations contributed to the amount of close to 3 000 BGN raised in a very short period of less than 10 working days. The amount was donated for additional lessons, career counselling, teaching aids and supplies for children with special needs during the new school year.

Technical Review of the Family-Type Accommodation and Educational Centre in Kazanlak

Our second initiative with CEDAR, involved BLD, AG Capital’s residential development company, and was aimed at extending volunteered work to CEDAR’s facilities in the town of Kazanlak, representing family-type accommodation and educational centres for children and young people with disabilities, all founded and operated by the Foundation. 

CEDAR runs two centres, one in Kyustendil, consisting of 2 houses and 2 apartments in different parts of the town, and a second one established in the town of Kazanlak, featuring the Small group of homes and the Sheltered Home. The latter has premises in urgent need of renovation with hidden risks that need to be timely addressed and repaired.

Our colleagues from BLD’s Construction team Krasen Ulyanov and Alexander Zapryanov visited in October the centre in Kazanlak that provides 24-hour quality family-type care to children, young people and adults with disabilities, to perform a detailed review of potential outdoor and indoor building problems. Following their visit, they have now prepared a detailed outline, employing the best of their specific technical construction expertise and know-how, to help the CEDAR foundation in addressing the most urgent renovation and maintenance issues with regard to the childrens’ safety, comfort and overall effort in establishing the most home-like environment. 

The technical review and support provided by BLD’s team to the Foundation is only the first step and we plan to continue with offering more activities with know-how and expertise provision.

XVIII Charity Ball

2023 is also the fifth consecutive year in which AG Capital will support the annual XVIII Charity Ball of the CEDAR Foundation. We are joining this year’s event as a Bronze Sponsor, aiming at providing for better integration and a dignified life for disadvantaged children, those deprived of parental care and adults with disabilities. 

The Ball will take place on November 11, 2023 at 7 PM at the Hyatt Regency in Sofia. 

Please, join us in our efforts for supporting this meaningful cause and year-round initiatives. All details and donation options are available on CEDAR’s website at the following link:

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